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Announcing the Latest Product from
IMN-The Conveyable Media Display

(Available only from Influence Media Network)

Capture attention and aid retention with the Conveyable Media Display from Influence Media Network. CMD models start at $34,995 and can be configured with a variety of options to fit your specific needs.

The IMN Conveyable Media Display (CMD) is a new portable media display solution which now for the first time makes it possible to display High Definition video, graphics, flash, computer screen, scrolling text, websites, and more on large format screens - indoor or out - regardless of the weather or lighting conditions. The CMD leverages the first completely new projection screen technology to be developed in 20 years to allow use in high ambient light situations including full sun.

We know from childhood that show-and-tell works, and now more than ever rich media is required to capture attention and aid retention. So why not show while you tell, regardless of the location? With the CMD you can tell your story with more impact than other options at a lower initial cost and total cost of ownership than other options. We are a visual-media driven society and screens are popping up everywhere, but you don't see screens this large, bright, or unique which means your information will stand out regardless of the venue. Get your message across more powerfully, sell more of whatever you are selling, generate new revenue by selling ads or sponsorships at events, train using multi-media in tough environments, or simply make an event more memorable by adding video and sound when you otherwise could not.

The CMD is easy to move and set up. Your content can be running on the 137" diagonal screen in under 10 minutes. With the sound system option your HD video comes to life with digital sound and you can even connect a wired or wireless microphone for public address. The generator option allows you to run where power is not available. Connect a camera and use for live broadcast. Connect a computer to display a website or run a powerpoint. The flexibility of the CMD means it's uses are almost endless. Consider just a few of the ways the IMN Conveyable Media Display can be utilized to increase sales, generate revenue, or enhance an event:

  • Convention Centers or Arenas can use the CMD to generate advertising revenue for every event. Sponsors love them because they can be set up where viewers will see them for each event. Run content on a schedule so your audience can see one message when arriving, and another message when departing.

  • Athletic Events from High School to College to Professional teams can use the systems for advertising, to sell team items, to breakdown game footage for team training, at special fan events to communicate, or to show live or highlight footage.

  • Schools and Colleges can use the system during campus events to provide instruction, raise funds through event sponsorships, or entertain.

  • Churches can use the system for satellite venues whether planting a church in another area of town or in the gym for overflow during large events. They are also perfect for block parties, tent revivals, or other outdoor community outreach events.

  • Fairs, Farm Shows, or other outdoor venues who need to display content to attendees.

  • Golf Courses can use them instead of print signage or to show footage from the event at the clubhouse or other areas around the course.

  • Auto, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, and Tractor Dealers can use them to advertise and enhance special events, run manufacture video content, or promote dealer services.

  • Local or Federal Government can use them for outdoor messaging at special events, training large groups, or during emergencies.

  • Imagine the system at your next Trade Show or Convention. Easier set-up than booths and high impact and visibility in large venues.

  • Movie Production Companies can use the systems to preview footage to large groups on location.

  • They can even be rented by Rental Agencies for Private Parties - imagine showing the Super Bowl or Final Four on a 137" screen outside on the patio, the slide show at your next reunion on a huge display, or being a hero to the kids by showing movies at your next birthday party.

  • Extreme Sports: Use at BMZ, Motorcross, Hoop-It-Up, NASCAR or similar events to place video highlights, testimonials and commercials out in public where a young audience is attracted to high definition content.

  • Advertising Agencies run content at events with live target demographic audiences prior to media buy and broadcast to gauge reaction, compare commercial spots, etc.

  • Playstation, XBox, and Wii Tournaments; game developers use for support of new releases by allowing gameplay on large screens indoor or outdoor in all lighting conditions.

The Conveyable Media Display offers incredible power and flexibility with a low investment, which equals high value. The system can be used stand-alone, as part of a broader MEDIAEDGE media management solution, or as an affiliate on the Influence Media Network.

For more information about specific details of Conveyable Media Display, please contact Influence Media Network.

Sample a Week in the Life of a Conveyable Media Display

High School Athletics
College Athletics

Display Key Capabilities:

  • Large 137" Diagonal 11-Gain Indoor/Outdoor Screen Designed for High Ambient Light Use

  • Plays High Definition H.264 Video, Graphics, Text, Photos, PowerPoint, Website, etc.

  • Divide Screen Into Multiple Regions (think picture-in-picture, video, graphics, scrolling text)

  • High Fidelity Sound (play sound corresponding to visual images or use for public address / voice-over)

  • All-Weather Use (indoor or outdoor, rain or shine)

  • Highly Visible (unique design and screen top height of 11 feet assures it is noticed)

  • Highly Portable (pull by hand on good surface, or with ATV, Golf Cart, Truck, etc.)

  • Highway Use (designed to pull down highway at highway speeds with optional trailer light kit)

  • Easy Plug-n-Play Setup (under 10 minutes from arrival to running content, simply turn on power)

  • Manage Content Remotely (use IMN Web to manage / update content on multiple units)

  • Display Options (live feed or pre-recorded from schedule, on-demand, default, channel)

  • Fully Self-Contained (generator option eliminates need to plug into power outlet)

  • Operates In Tough Environments (up to 113 degrees, dusty, rain, windy, no power available, etc.)

  • All Black or Custom Colors (replace orange with other colors or select two-color option)