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Grass Valley MEDIAEDGE

Flexible and Capable
The Grass Valley MEDIAEDGE digital media management system, launched as version 1 in 2001, delivers video on-demand allowing users to access content when and where they need it, allows programs to be scheduled for mass viewing, and provides live video distribution, all from a single enterprise video delivery platform. Video on-demand is the delivery method of choice in the classroom or for corporate training. Faculty, students, or employees may select the program they need, when and where they need it. Scheduled content is broadcast (multicast) such that a large number of viewers can join the program without a bandwidth penalty. Live content is accepted from remote locations on the local area network, via network encoding devices. Multiple and simultaneous network encoders are supported.

MEDIAEDGE delivers mixed media content types to a single display, allowing the same platform to simultaneously support both video distribution and digital signage applications. The “DS” in MEDIAEDGE 3 DS stands for Digital Signage. The system supports multiple, simultaneous display of MPEG video, still images (JPEG, bitmaps, PNGs, and GIFs), animated Flash, text (from files or live RSS feeds), HTML, as well as audio-only files (PCM and MP3). The system supports the SMIL (pronounced “smile”) standard for digital signage content layout and playback. Support for SMIL allows MEDIAEDGE to display content and layout managed in third-party systems also compliant with SMIL. New Display Content Manager(DCM) software will drive SMIL layouts, content, and schedules across multiple MEDIAEDGE systems and players at distributed locations throughout the enterprise.

Indoor/Outdoor Screens



Part # 652154

Part # 604061

Part # 606195


LSB HD Encoder
LEB-60 SD Encoder
LEB-4 Encoder

Part # 655285

Part # 605082

Part # 625141
MVR-D4000 SD Encoder

Part # 603033


LSB HD Relay
LEB-60 SD Relay
LEB-4 Relay

Part # 655285

Part # 605082

Part # 625141


SVS-3 Server Software
SVS-4 Server Software
Display Content Manager

Part # 605099

Part # 615098

Part # 665277


SWT-3 SD/HD Decoder
SWT-4 SD/HD Decoder
STB-3 SD/HD Player/Decoder

Part # 615180 (base kit)
Part # 625189 (client license)

Part # 645019 (base kit)
Part # 645040 (client license)

Part # 625288
STB-4H SD/HD Player/Decoder
STB-4 SD/HD Player/Decoder
HDMA-4000 HD Player

Part # 615043

Part # 615043

Part # 605280
HDMA-4100 HD Player

Part # 605174