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Since you opened your doors your organization has worked diligently to establish trust with clients.  Your superior service has allowed the organizations you serve to rely on you to keep their mission critical network, data, and phone systems operating at peak efficiency.

To protect the relationships you have worked hard to establish and maintain you take great care in selecting products to recommend to the organizations you serve.  Your questions about any new solution are typically:

  • Is there market demand and will my customer base be interested?
  • Does it represent the best overall value to the clients I serve?
  • Is it stable and backed by a substantial company?
  • Is it scalable from the smallest organization we serve to the largest?
  • Is it flexible, standards based, extendable, easily customizable?
  • Is it a good fit with other solutions and services we offer?
  • Can my technical staff learn and support it without being a distraction from our core?
  • Can my sales staff learn and present it without being a distraction from our core?
  • Can I offer it at a good value profitably - a true “win-win” for my clients and my organization?
  • Is there ongoing recurring revenue potential?
  • Five years from now will my clients and I be glad we decided to carry it?

If you provide voice, video, or data solutions to any of the following vertical markets, the answer to all of the above is a resounding yes.

There Are Literally 1,000's of Uses for the MediaEdge System

Really anyplace people gather and have significant “dwell” or wait time there is an application for visual communication.  Visual communication solutions leverage the power of visual media to deliver the right message, at the appropriate time, to a targeted audience, for maximum influence.
  • Whether small single location or large international organizations
  • Automotive, Boat, Motorcycle, Tractor, & RV Dealerships
  • Tire, Parts, & Auto Accessory Stores
  • Clothing
  • Services (Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Health Clubs)
  • Pre-K through 12 Local School Districts
  • College & University Campuses
  • Healthcare
  • Dentists, Orthodontists, Optometrist, Audiologists
  • Hospitality
  • Convention Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Venues
Houses of Worship
  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Reception/Lobby Area
  • Sales
  • Production Floor
  • Cafeteria / Break Room
  • Human Resources & Employee Training
Look around and you will start noticing flat screens going up everywhere.  Training, Development, Motivation, Education, Information, Emergency Notification, Instruction, Marketing, Advertising, and Entertainment are just some of the key uses and reasons why double-digit growth is predicted for this emerging technology over the next decade or more.

Increase Your Sales Opportunities!

Are your sales teams struggling to find companies interested in upgrading phone or data networks?  Is it difficult to set appointments?  Are you doing as many demonstrations as you have been 2 or 3 years ago?  Are you putting as many quotes on the street as you were before the economy slowed down?  Is your pipeline growing?

You will find with MediaEdge there are opportunities.  Sales reps will be able to set appointments, do demonstrations, present quotes, and close deals.  Why?  Because MediaEdge offers significant value and helps organizations reduce cost, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Influence Media Network MediaEdge solutions enable you to not only put in new systems, but also upgrade existing aging RF based video distribution systems with or without replacing existing television screens or projectors.

Media Edge offers the most robust model for the organizations you serve by supporting standard or high definition video, any type of television or projector viewing screen, hardware and / or software clients on same system, hardware client decoder players accepting stream only or hardware client decoder players with storage at client, with or without a computer attached to the screen or projector, full screen video or split the screen in up to five regions and display up to 5 types of content simultaneously.

Getting Started With MediaEdge Is EASY!

Not convinced yet?  Consider this.  Most of the solutions you offer are dependent on employment growth.  Phone stations, desktop computers, voice mail ports, e-mail storage, SharePoint users, storage area networks, VPN appliances, and more all depend on increasing the number of knowledge workers who utilize these tools.  MediaEdge visual communication solutions have nothing to do with the number of employees and it puts considerable demand on the LAN and storage systems since video streams are much larger than data or voice traffic.

It may sound complicated at this point, but it really isn’t.  If your team already provides data cabling, can hook up a DVD player, and install a server on a network, you have all the skills necessary to support MediaEdge – and you won’t be alone.  Influence Media Network experts provide sales, technical, and end-user training, plus pre and post-sales technical support.